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General Remarks

The order of these webpages follows the catalogue "Facit special". Booklets are also listed in the DAKA-catalog (GF 20, Island) and in the paper of Þór Þorsteins. The booklets are not listed in the AFA-catalog, MICHEL mentions only the booklet of 1970, but without catalog-number.

The images of the booklets from 1932 to 1960 are from websites of auctions and stamp dealers (e.g., Hettinger, Gummesson, ebay), or provided by Þór Þorsteins and other collectors. Note, that obviously the color of the covers often do not precisely represent the "truth"; it seems that the light sources of the scanners are quite different.

Information about the booklets are from stamp catalogues: Facit Special, DAKA GF 20, and Þór Þorsteins, i.e., I cannot guarantee for it (I don't own these booklets)!

Valuable comments and information from Þór Þorsteins, Vilhjálmur Sigurðsson, Árni Gústafsson and Guðjón Axelsson are gratefully acknowledged.

If you have suggestions, additional material (e.g., images), or corrections, please drop me a note (I would appreciate!).