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Booklet 6 (1944)

Front of Cover: H 6L (according to Facit), green blue

Size: 66 x 49 mm

Description: The total value of all stamps of each booklet was 2 ISK. The covers might have different design and different colors. The booklets include four interleafs, printed on both sides with advertisments.

Catalogue price: At least since 2009 the price of the booklet given by the Facit catalogue is unchanged: 12000 skr.

Catalogue Numbers
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Facit-catalogue: H 6L
Michel-catalogue: not listed
Scott-catalogue: not listed
DAKA-catalogue: H 11a, H 11b
Þór Þorsteins-catalogue: SH-7a, SH-7b

A booklet exists also with empty back side of the first interleaf (Facit: H 6L v; DAKA: H 11b; Þór Þorsteins-catalogue: SH-7b)

Details of the nomenclature of the following table can be found here .

H 6L (green blue)

Cover I Soffíubúð (width 24 mm), um allt land, without name of printer
II Ó. Johnson & Kaaber (with star)
Interleafs 1 Kristján Siggeirsson (type 4)
Andrés Andrésson (type 2)
2 Kex
Pond's krem
3 Hector
Árni Björnsson + Silli & Valdi
4 Nora Magasin
Sparið ekki
Cover III Á. Einarsson & Funk
IV Eirikur Hjartarson & Co. + Prjónastofan Malin (símar 5690 - 4690)

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Quantity of stamps and catalogue numbers are given; perforation only if necessary.

5 stamps; L 14 x 14
Facit: 242B
AFA: 212

5 stamps
Facit: 268
AFA: 232

5 stamps; 14 x 14
Facit: 248B
AFA: 217

Results from Auctions
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Catalogue no.PriceAuction
H 6L 730 € Hettinger, 09/2005
H 6L 700 € Hettinger, 09/2007
H 6L 170 € Cherrystone, 05/2008
H 6L [*] 270 € Unionstamps, 05/2009
H 6L 1140 € Postiljonen, 09/2012
H 6 + H 7 (6 booklets)1620 € Postiljonen, 03/2010

[*] 2 stamps missing

Further Images
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Roman numerals refer to the table "catalogue numbers" above (see also this sketch ).

Front of the Cover (I)


covers with different colors; rightmost booklet: one 5 aurar and one 10 aurar stamp are missing

green blue cover

Rear Side of the Cover (IV)


H 6L (same as booklets H 5I, H 5J and H 5K)


1. interleaf front/rear (H 6L v: rear blank)2. interleaf front/rear

3. interleaf front/rear4. interleaf front/rear

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