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Booklet 4 (1939)

Front of cover: H 4G (Facit), lightblue

Size: 66 x 49 mm

Notes: The total value of all stamps of each booklet was 2 ISK. The covers might have different design and different colors. The booklets include four interleafs, printed on both sides with advertisments.

At least since 2009 the price of the booklet given by the Facit catalog is unchanged: 18000 skr.


Catalog numbers
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Facit-catalog: H 4
Michel-catalog: not listed
Scott-catalog: not listed
DAKA-catalog: H 6
Þór Þorsteins-catalog: SH-4 (see also here)

H 4G (light blue)
I Soffíubúð (width 29 mm), um alt land, with name of printer 1 Kr. Siggeirsson
Kron Kaupfélagið (with image)
II Ó. Johnson & Kaaber (with loop) 2 Kex
Árni Björnsson - Milo
III Silli & Valdi + Steindórsprent hf. 3 Kolynos
IV Eirikur Hjartarson (Sími 4690) + Prjónastofan Malín (Sími 5690) 4 Póstnotendur
Sparið ekki

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Quantity of stamps and catalogue-numbers are given; perforation only if necessary.

5 stamps; K 14 x 13½
Facit: 242A
AFA: 212
Michel: 210B

5 stamps
Facit: 244
AFA: 214
Michel: 212A

5 stamps; L 14 x 14
Facit: 248B
AFA: 217
Michel: 216A

Note: According to Facit, the 25 aurar stamps is also found with perforation K 14 x 13½. Not mentioned by Þór Þorsteins and DAKA.

K 14 x 13½
Facit: 248A
Michel: 216B

L 14 x 14
Facit: 248B
Michel: 216A

Results from auctions
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H 4G1350 € Hettinger, September 2005
H 4G1040 € Hettinger, September 2007
H 4G [*]780 € Postiljonen, September 2012
H 4v1800 € Postiljonen, March 2005 (see below)

Footnote: [*] description: "stamps with somewhat aged gum"


Further images
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Note: Roman numerals refer to the table "catalog numbers" above

Front of cover (I)

H 4G

H 4G [*]

H 4G (Fä)

Middle image: three copies of each stamps are missing.
Right image H 4G (Fä): The name of the printer "STEINDÓRSPRENT H. F." is upside down and the accent of the "O" is missing. I do not know whether this booklet is a fake or a variety. It was offered at an auction in March 2007 but not sold. Some of the stamps were missing.

Cover (II)

H 4G

Note: Ad "Ó. Johnson & Kaaber (with loop)". Similar ads are existing in other booklets, but with different graphical elements (loop/star).

Rear side of cover (IV)

H 4G

Note: Ad "Eirikur Hjartarson + Prjónastofan Malín": Similar ads are existing in other booklets, but with different phone numbers.


1. interleaf front/rear 2. interleaf front/rear

3. interleaf front/rear 4. interleaf front/rear

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A previously unknown variety was offered in the frame of the Postiljonen auction (March 2005) and was sold for 1800 € (incl. commission). Instead of the 5 Aur cod stamp the overprinted Matthias Jochumsson (5/35 Aur) stamp is included, the cover is light blue. In a hand written update to his catalog, Þór Þorsteins mentions this booklet as SH-4b, and the previously known booklet as SH-4a.

5 stamps
Facit: 216
AFA: 205
Michel: 203

5 stamps
Facit: 244
AFA: 214
Michel: 212A

5 stamps, L 14 x 14
Facit: 248B
AFA: 217
Michel: 216A

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