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Booklet 1 (1932/34)

Cover: H 1A (Facit), light green (b/w image)

Cover: H 1B (Facit), light grey

Size: 66 x 49 mm

Notes: The total value of all stamps of each booklet was 2 ISK. The booklets include four interleafs, printed on both sides with advertisments.

Only one (incomplete) booklet of H 1A is still existing. Two copies of H 1B are known, one of which is incomplete (3 stamps missing) and its cover is slightly bend and torn (see above). In the short "Frimärkshäften" section of the Facit catalog (at least since 2009) one copy ("1 K") is mentioned and no price is given. In the more detailed listing of Facit 2005 "1 K" is mentioned for booklets H 1A and H 1B each.


Catalog numbers
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Facit-Catalog: H 1 (H 1A and H 1B, see table)
Michel-Catalog: not listed
Scott-Catalog: not listed
DAKA-Catalog: H 1 and H 2
Þór Þorsteins-Catalog: SH-1a, SH-1b, SH-1c

FacitDAKAÞór ÞorsteinsRemarks
H 1A1SH-1aissued in 1932, 400 sold
SH-1bissued in 1932/33, 5000 sold
H 1B2SH-1cissued in 1934/35, 5000 sold

Note: The remarks from above are based on Þór Þorsteins-catalog.


H 1A (light green)
I Sími 82 1 Rósól tannkremi
Egill Skallagrímsson
II Álafoss 2 unknown
III unknown 3 unknown
IV unknown 4 unknown
H 1B (light grey)
I Sími 3082 1 Eir. Hjartarson + Málin
II Álafoss 2 Efnagerð Reykjavíkur
Happdr. Háskóla
III BSR 3 Sigurgeirsson
IV Soffíubúð 4 Leví

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Quantity of stamps and catalog numbers are given.

4 stamps
Facit: 194
AFA: 150
Michel: 150

6 stamps
Facit: 151
AFA: 161
Michel: 161

6 stamps
Facit: 195
AFA: 151
Michel: 151

Results from auctions
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Catalog numberPriceAuction
H 1B (some stamps missing [*])1520 € Postiljonen, October 2013

Footnote [*]:
A booklet H 1B was sold at the 203. Postiljonen-auction. Only 3 (out of 6) stamps of 20 Aurar are included. The cover is slightly bent and torn.


Further Images
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Note: Roman numerals refer to the table "catalog numbers" above

Cover (II)

Front cover, rear side: same for H 1A and H 1B (b/w image)

Cover (IV)

Rear side of cover: H 1B



First interleaf, front side (left) and rear side (right)

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